Word On The Street...

Jeneva, NYC

Wellthy Plate is such an innovative company. I was originally introduced to the Brett and Callie through my job. We had a learning session in which I discovered so many tips for meal prepping, grocery shopping and portion control. I found their seminar to be really enjoyable and engaging. They made the information personal while still being approachable and realistic. Through the seminar I also got to work with Callie individually. She took the time to understand my lifestyle and dietary preferences. During this sessions we worked together to come up with small changes that make a significant difference in how I feel. I learned so much from this session, even tips for my nutrition that I had never thought of before. I am really happy with my experience with The Wellthy Plate. They really took the time to get to know me and make a plan for my lifestyle. Thank you Wealthy Plate =)


I met Callie and Brett through a wellness seminar at New York University. Their nutrition and lifestyle suggestions has been very helpful in making me aware and accountable for eating healthy foods and exercising daily. Their passion for healthful living is truly a blessing and I recommend their program to those looking to make a positive change in their journey to healthy living. Thank you again ladies for your encouragement and passion!

Gina G, NYC

I contacted the Wellthy Plate because I wanted some guidance on eating healthier, cooking at home and having a more balanced diet. We worked together to outline a great meal plan for us that did not bog us down with counting calories but still included all of the things we like to eat. We also - and this was the most fun -- did a meal prep lesson where we prepared three different meals that were quick, easy and delicious! Seeing my normally bare fridge filled with containers of meals that I had cooked for the week was a rewarding experience. I never thought this could be done given our busy NYC lifestyle but The Wellthy Plate showed us how simple it could be. Working together showed us how to streamline the entire process so that it didn't feel like an overwhelming task. I would highly recommend The Wellthy Plate to anyone who needs a little guidance (or a lot) in creating a healthier way to eat.