Meet Callie


A Little Bit About...

Callie holds a BS in Communications from Temple University, an MS in Clinical Nutrition from Brooklyn College, and an MPH in Community Nutrition from NYU. She completed her Dietetic Internship through Brooklyn College and is a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Callie has worked in the health and fitness industry for roughly 10 years sharing her knowledge and passion for wellness as a NASM certified trainer and health educator for adults, children and businesses throughout NYC.  She loves pizza, wine, her dog, her husband and Brooklyn.

Why Nutrition?

I think I've always been interested in food and nutrition from a young age. Personally, weight has always been a trigger for me even as a young girl. I came into this journey with a long history of dieting that led to a lot of weird feelings about food, weight, exercise and body image. As I learned more about nutrition and food and how the body works, I started to really comprehend the pervasiveness of diet culture and the food industry’s hold on what we eat. At that point, I decided I wanted to help people understand nutrition, make peace with food, and start respecting their bodies. So after spending a few years working in advertising, I went back to school to blow up the system.

What do you find joy in?

Morning walks in the neighborhood and park with my dog, Finley, and a good cup o' joe. I love watching my dog run. She's so agile and happy.  I love being outside in fresh air too, so really I find joy in doing anything outdoors - hiking, biking, walking, running, skiing, watching the sunset. I'm a sucker for a good sunset. My husband and I love traveling and we always make sure to eat adventurously and take in the culture of a place wherever we go. I also find joy in cooking and eating with people. It just makes me happy.

How do you find balance in life?

Ha. Let me get back you on that one.  Eating well, sleeping enough, exercising consistently helps keep me in check though. It's never perfect but I do try. "Perfect" is boring, anyway.

Favorite food?

I am an adventurous eater but if I had to choose one thing to eat forever it'd be pizza. Lucali's Pizza to be precise. Also, summer veggies are the bomb.  

Fav Brooklyn thing?

I love the energy of the city but the community feel of Brooklyn. And the views. And the pizza.

Power song?

Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson or Lose Yourself by Eminem

What’s your food philosophy?

Eat your f’ing vegetables!


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