Meet Brett


A Little Bit About...

Brett is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over a decade of  experience in the field of health, wellness and nutrition. Brett currently works part-time at Brooklyn College providing one to one nutrition counseling for students as well as group-based workshops about nutrition, health, and cooking. Prior to this, Brett was the Project Director for B-SWEL (Brooklyn-Stay Well, Enjoy Life), a diabetes prevention and control program, based in central Brooklyn. She was also the Program Development Director for MEND Central, an evidence based childhood obesity treatment and prevention program in London. Brett holds MSc in Clinical Nutrition from Roehampton University and a BS in Psychology from University of Florida. 

Why Nutrition?

I've always been interested in health and nutrition sciences. Prior to becoming an RD, I worked in the music industry and found that in my downtime, I would read health articles. When the music industry started to change drastically, I decided it was time to make a switch in my career. Nutrition made the most sense to me at the time.

WhaT do you find joy in?

Mostly small things. Being outdoors, the beach, boating, FOOD, and playing long running practical jokes with my kid. 

How do you Find Balance? 

Working out is my mental therapy and what I do for self-care. It helps give me a sense that I did something for myself and it gives me a boost of positive energy for the day.

Go-To Power song?

Titanium by David Guetta is my running jam.

Favorite food?

Honestly, I don’t have one favorite food. This is way too hard. Maybe pizza, but I love being adventurous in my eating. The only thing I stay away from is entrails. The most fun eating thing I ever did was an A-Z eating adventure. So fun. Also wine.

Fav Brooklyn thing?

Early morning runs along Brooklyn Bridge park are amazing.  It’s actually quite peaceful there at that time.

What's your food philosophy?

Food first. Eat local, fresh, colors, plants.

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