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We offer various types of nutrition counseling programs developed to fit your specific needs, goals, and interests.  Our programming is tailored to address the multi-layered facets of health and wellness related to diet and lifestyle.

With every perspective client, we offer a complimentary exploratory call to address your goals, pain points, and logistics. From there, we schedule your comprehensive initial session where we dive into the many facets of life impacting your nutritional status. We’ll tackle healthy history, current nutrition status and lifestyle behaviors (think stress, sleep, exercise) in order to develop a WELLTHY program perfectly tailored to you!

Because behavior change doesn’t happen all at once, our programs are designed for us to meet over time in order to help you make incremental changes. Think of it as an investment in your health that will set the stage for the rest of your life.

Your Wellth

Diets don’t work because they’re not sustainable. We take an anti-diet, food first approach to achieve a healthy, positive relationship with food so that you can find balance. We offer hands on nutrition coaching programs that set you up for a healthy lifestyle. Imagine a life without having count calories, macros, or points, without feelings of guilt around eating foods you enjoy. Imagine a life with more trust in your body, confidence, and freedom to enjoy food.

We focus on getting your body functioning optimally with food. The body works best when it is fueled properly - and that's different for everyone. Whether you're looking to balance your hectic life without sacrificing your diet, feel more energized, achieve a healthy weight, or prevent disease onset, together we will set priorities, goals, and create a individualized plan to foster self care through eating and lifestyle.

Family Wellth

We believe in taking whole family approach to healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyle. Together, we take a deeper dive into your family's eating patterns and nutritional needs while working together on lifestyle behavior changes and tips to establish, improve, maintain wellness and healthy eating habits as a family. Our goal here is to provide straight forward, honest advice on raising healthy kids. Whether that means working together on sideline snacks, healthy body image, or food sensitivities, we are here to give guidance that is grounded in reality and reinforces a positive relationship food. We will work together to reinforce healthy practices that will get your gang on the same plate, er, page at meal times. 

In addition to nutrition counseling, we also offer various a la carte services that can be added to any program or package.

  • "Make The Healthy Choice The Easiest Choice" cooking class/meal prep lesson

  • One hour pantry makeover

  • Supermarket tour with grocery guide

  • Personal training

  • Individually tailored fitness program

  • One hour follow up nutrition counseling session

  • Half hour follow up nutrition counseling session

Added Wellth

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