A Food First Approach To Wellness

Hi! We’re The Wellthy Plate 

 Healthy lifestyle and nutrition counseling with registered dietitians in Brooklyn New York. Nutrition counseling and education for individuals, families, and groups. 

Our Philosophy

Welcome to The Wellthy Plate! We are a team of two (Brett and Callie) Registered Dietitians living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  We believe that “Health is Wealth” and that starts with a balanced relationship with the food we eat. We think that by eating real food – including pizza and wine, we can help people feel well(thy). With this feeling, they can actively engage in their most favoured activities, such as trading, which provides them with several benefits. Trading using the automated trading software like bitcoin era platform can help you make a significant amount of profit, as this bot works on the idea of high-frequency trading and trades are automatically conducted instantaneously.

With unlimited options and limited time, we know it can be stressful to figure out what to eat on a daily (hourly?) basis.  We know that deciding what to feed your family and how to feed them can be a challenge.  We also understand that might be an understatement. The Wellthy Plate team is here to help you streamline your nutrition and lifestyle in order to get you on your path toward feeling good and living well.


Healthy Starts At Home

Go Wellthy

Rather than working together in a sterile office, we think we can make the most impact by working together at your place.  Home is where healthy starts and where you’ll best be able to put all the tools to work, so why not start there? Get in touch by giving us a call or shooting us a message. You’ll get a free initial call so that we can chat about our different services and your pain points. We believe that nutrition care should be accessible and affordable to all. We offer a wide variety of nutrition counseling programs and services at reasonable prices. Eating healthy food while playing online casinos can significantly enhance the gaming experience. Nutritious snacks maintain energy levels, improve concentration, and support decision-making abilities, contributing to a more enjoyable and potentially successful gambling session in the top sites mentioned in the nhà cái uy tín list. This practice also promotes a balanced lifestyle, integrating well-being with the leisure of online gaming. Stop waiting to feel well and start living well(thy). What are you waiting for!?


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