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Hi! We're The Wellthy Plate 

Healthy lifestyle and nutrition counseling with registered dietitians in Brooklyn New York. Nutrition counseling and education for individuals, families, and groups.

Our M.O.

Welcome to the Wellthy Plate! We are Brett and Callie - two registered dietitians just trying to walk the tight rope called life. It’s a practice in balance, perhaps you’re familiar? As women, we understand the unique pressures of juggling our own needs and desires along with the needs and desires of those around us. Here, we believe that  how you nourish your body affects our ability to run on all cylinders, to be creative, and feel energized. This means reframing our idea of nutrition and diet to be more about what will invigorate us rather than deplete us. It means taking away a lot the “rules” we’ve been conditioned to adhere to and practicing a kinder, more gentle approach to how we decide what to eat. It means repairing our relationship with food in order to honor what our bodies tell us it needs. Eating a nutritious and varied diet full of colors and flavors builds resilience. When you eat well, you’re better equipped to handle life’s stressors. We are here to cut through all of that nutrition noise in order to give sound, realistic strategies to improve your relationship to food.

As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” As dietitians, we work with our clients to empower them to become their own best advocates and to use nutrition as the basis of their self care in their quest for hormonal balance and energy. In our practice, we focus on taking a holistic, food first approach to health that includes four main pillars. We address not just nutrition but also sleep, stress, and exercise in order to reduce inflammation and improve wellbeing.

By definition, nutrition means nourishment. Self-care by another name is nourishment. In the end it’s all the same, but how we go about doing so can make a big difference in our health and wellness.  What you eat should be an act of self care - not self punishment. You’ve only got one life. What, when and how you eat determines how you show up for that life.

Our goal is to help people take ownership of their health and thrive. To us, that’s true “wellth”.

Healthy Starts At Home

Go Wellthy

Rather than working together in a sterile office, we think we can make the most impact by working together at your place.  Home is where healthy starts and where you'll best be able to put all the tools to work, so why not start there? Get in touch by giving us a call or shooting us a message. You'll get a free exploratory call so that we can chat about our different services and your areas of interest. We believe that nutrition care should be accessible and affordable to all. We offer a wide variety of nutrition counseling programs and services at reasonable prices. Stop waiting to feel well and start living well(thy).

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